SpeedMax™ XL Guide Bar

Minimize time between cuts by reducing vibration to the cutting system with a stronger and stiffer SpeedMax XL guide bar. Strength is performance.

Reduced deflection with a wider bar body and chrome-moly plating.
A re-engineered tail contour decreases friction and is less likely to throw chain.

Replaceable Sprocket Nose - SMR14T

Discover exceptional durability and reliability on the job with a re-engineered nose designed to stand up to the toughest conditions.

With a 28% increase to the length, the new sprocket nose absorbs most rail wear and can be replaced several times.
The larger 14-tooth sprocket features high-alloy industrial bearings — 14% thicker than the competition — and require fewer rotations to accomplish the same work with less heat build-up extending the life of the nose.